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Ana Donimguez

Ana Dominguez prepares casabe in the traditional manner in the Dominican Republic. Photo by Boynayel Mota

Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise in Hawai‘i. Photo by Abigail Wood.


Aerial view of New York City

Civil War Portrait

Ambrotype of two unidentified Union soldiers, ca. 1863-1865, Photographic History Collection, National Museum of American History. Photo by Hugh Talman

Dominican Weaver

Weaver from the Dominican Republic

Ghost Orchids

Ghost Orchids. Photo by David McAdoo.

Melissa Songer on Elephant

Dr. Melissa Songer, Conservation Biologist at the Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute


Infrared wide-field image of our neighboring superstar, Eta Carinae, imaged by the Chandra X-ray Observatory

Oral History

Steve Velasquez, Associate Curator in the Division of Horne and Community Life, National Museum of American History, taking an oral history.

Paik Archive

Nam June Paik Archive 

Nam June Paik
Born: Seoul, Korea 1932
Died: Miami Beach, Florida 2006

Research Material: Correspondence, ephemera and performance documentation; writings on art, history and technology; video and audio tapes; production notes for video and television projects; sketches, notebooks, models and plans for video installations; early model televisions, video projectors, radios, record players and cameras; musical instruments, vintage photographs, posters, catalogs and works in progress; toys, games, folk sculptures and other studio effects

Dimensions variable

Smithsonian American Art Museum
Gift of the Nam June Paik Estate

Solar Wall

The Solar Wall is presented by one of its creators, Project Scientist Dr. Mark Weber of the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory.

Star-Spangled Banner

The Star-Spangled Banner at the National Museum of American History


The CURASUB is a five-person research submersible used by the Deep Reef Observation Project (DROP) to study the biodiversity of reefs up to 1000 feet deep. Image by Barry Brown, Curaçao Sea Aquarium


Panel at the 2012 Consortia symposium, The Anthropocene: Planet Earth in the Age of Humans. Photo by Amanda Lucidon

Urban Waterways

Dr. Gail Lowe presents the Urban Waterways Initiative at the Smithsonian Consortia’s 2012 Grand Challenges Share Fair. Photo by Harold Dorwin