Meet Our Grantees

  • Carole Baldwin in the Curasub

    By focusing on the realm of the ocean called deep reefs, Dr. Carole Baldwin explores a very productive ocean zone that science has largely missed.

  • Dr. Kris Helgen

    In a modern expedition, Dr. Kris Helgen follows in the footsteps of Theodore Roosevelt to assess the decline of East Africa’s large carnivores. 

  • Jennifer Jones

    For Jennifer Jones, Chair of the NMAH Division of Armed Forces History, the Civil War sesquicentennial has brought her career full circle.

  • Dr. Eric Silver

    Originally developed to study cosmic X-rays, Dr. Eric Silver’s new instrument has practical, ground-based applications that range from semiconductors to cancer cells.

  • Gabriela Pérez Báez

    In the Zapotec community in La Ventosa, Oaxaca, México, linguist Gabriela Pérez Báez is using botany as one way to revitalize language.